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Neat stuff, nice visual style.

This is a pretty cool and simply little horror/adventure game. The graphics are done in a cool old time pop up book style, the mechanics and how you interact with the house is cool, and the small challenges are creative and easy to do. I don't know if this game reflects a story that Edger Allen Poe wrote, but I have to say I was impressed how this game created a unique little horror game. The games art style is definitely the most unique and interesting thing about this game. And how Poe moves throughout the game is rather charming to the games intended styling. All in all, a nice little short game. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.


as part of the developing team for this game I can say we are super thrilled and happy to hear that :D !! thanks for the feedback. This game was developed in a game jam that lasted only a weekend so that's the reason why it's umpolished and has some lack of explanation hehe. but we did use a bunch of stories from Poe and tried to make them fit with the game :D!